Terms of Service 2022

i)   Who we are?

ii) How to contact us

iii) If we need to contact you

iv) Laundry processing

v) Recleaning policy

vi) Care labels

vii) Delivery

viii) Refunds

ix) Delays outside our control

x) If we cannot agree who is responsible for loss and damage

xi) Our prices and services

xii) Usage of our services

xiii) Dry Cleaning

xiv) Failure to collect

xv) When and how you must pay

xvi) How to tell us about problems

xvii) If you have made a complaint


These terms and conditions pertaining to the services of Kim & Co (hereby referred to as ‘us’, or ‘we’) to the client, (hereby referred to as ‘you’ or ‘your’). By using our services, you agree to be bound by the following terms of service which may change from time to time without notice.

We advise that you read these terms before you submit your order to us. We explain within these terms who we are, how we will provide our service to you, and what to do if you experience a problem.

If you believe there is a mistake displayed in these terms, please contact us to discuss.

Here are some of our key terms of service:




















i) Who we are?


We are Kim & Co, also referred to as Newtown Laundry Service. Our premises are based at Unit 3A, Lion Works, Newtown SY16 3AG. We are VAT registered and our VAT number is 237 8724 75.


We offer commercial and domestic laundry services with the option of delivery. We also offer a dry-cleaning service in association with Howard and Howard Dry Cleaners.


ii) How to contact us


To contact us you can phone us at 01686 626964. You can email us at info@newtownlaundryservice.co.uk, or drop us a message on Facebook by searching Kim & Co Newtown Laundry Service.


iii) If we need to contact you


If we need to contact you, we will do through telephone or email. We will use the details you provide to us when you first make an account with us.


iv) Laundry processing


We have default laundry processes that we use to process your laundry. Laundry is sorted and checked before it begins going through the laundering process.


If you have items which require extra effort to be put through our process, then you will be charged accordingly. These can be and are not limited to thick towel robes, waterproof mattress protectors etc.


Whilst our laundry processing is designed to remove stains as best, we can, we cannot always guarantee stains can always be removed. Items that are stained will be tagged and made aware to you by our yellow slips that will come with the order. The slip will detail what item(s) are stained.


You will still be charged for these items.


We are not responsible for items bleeding, shrinking, fading or becoming worn out by our default laundry process. We are not responsible for the laundry bleeding on the first time of washing if we were not informed that it was new. We handle laundry with the utmost care so will not be responsible for buttons, beads, seams etc, becoming loose during a normal wash and dry process. Kim & Co will not be responsible for any defects caused by the manufacturer, such as weak material, or previous staining.


We will not be responsible for the damage of special instruction laundry if the customer was made aware of the dangers by a member of staff, and if the customer signed a declaration slip declaring they were made aware of the dangers, but still wished Kim & Co to wash the laundry.


v) Recleaning policy


If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the item you have received from us, we do offer a re-cleaning service. The service is free of charge as you have already been charged for the items previously.


If an item is re-cleaned because a stain has not been removed in the first clean, the re-clean will be done with a stronger method. However, the method will depend on the nature of the stain.


vi) Care labels


It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that all items that you give us for cleaning have the appropriate care labels.


vii) Delivery


The customer will pre-agree a time and date with Kim & Co. Deliveries can only be made to areas that Kim & Co can facilitate. Kim & Co issues a flat rate price for deliveries, this amount will differ depending on where you are based.


If your order is over a certain value delivery will be free! We also allow a £2 cushion, where if your order is within £2 of the value needed for free delivery, you won’t be charged for delivery.

Collections are free.


If an agreement is made with you regarding delivery outside of our covered routes, please expect a surplus charge to be added.


Organising a delivery slot must be made either at the beginning of the week or the week before. If you are wanting to order a delivery last minute, Kim & Co reserves the right to refuse and will advise the next opportunity where a delivery can be made.


If a delivery has been arranged and there are no other issues brought to Kim & Co’s attention, but the delivery driver arrives to find nothing to collect or a safe place to deliver laundry, this will be classed as “Failed Delivery” and you will be charged £5.


viii) Refunds


Kim & Co will only be responsible to issue a refund when the customer has received an overwhelmingly poor service with their laundry. An example is if Kim & Co have failed to follow the care label instructions to a degree where it has damaged the laundry. If a customer has received their laundry and it has been finished to a poor standard, Kim & Co will repress free of charge.

All queries with quality and any discrepancies with billing need to be raised with Kim & Co within 48 hours. Failure to do so will constitute that the customer is satisfied with their order.


In the rare instance that your laundry is lost or damaged by Kim & Co, we will issue you a refund or credit for the value of your laundry, as specified in the Consumer Rights Act 2015, section 24.

Kim & Co is not liable for damage or loss due to the fault of its third-party cleaners. Any issues relating to damage or loss must be taken to the third-party cleaner. Kim & Co will be happy to give you the appropriate information on how to address the issue.


We are not liable for any pre-existing damage to the laundry. Any pre-existing damage must be bought to our attention when the laundry is brought into the shop. The customer must sign a declaration slip or give verbal consent to our member of staff to continue laundering.

Missing or damaged items must be reported to us within 48 hours of receiving the order.


ix) Delays outside our control


If there is a delay that is outside our control and it affects the performance of completing your order, we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know and we will take steps to minimise the effect of the delay. As long as we do this, we will not be liable for delays caused by the event.


x) If we cannot agree on who is responsible for loss and damage

If we cannot come to an agreement with you regarding who is responsible for the loss and damage of your items, we believe the only remedy is that both parties to accept responsibility. Compensation would also be required by both parties.


xi) Our prices and services

You can find our prices and service if visit us in our shop. We are based at Unit 3A, Lion Work, Pool Road, Newtown SY16 3AG. Alternatively, you can contact us via 01686 626964, email us at info@newtownlaundryservice.co.uk or drop us a message on our Facebook Kim & Co Newtown Laundry Service.


We operate on a 3-day turnaround basis, and we also have limited slots. If you wish to make sure you can have your laundry for when you want it, please make sure to bring your items in ASAP. We reserve the right to reject orders if we are aware they can not be completed within your given timeline.


xii) Usage of our services

As we are a contract-less business we will not ask you to sign any form of documentation that is relevant to your commitment to using us. You can pick and choose when you use us.


However, we would highly appreciate that if you are a frequent commercial customer if you could let us know whether you are ceasing to use us so we can make the appropriate steps to close your account.


If you are closing your account with an outstanding amount, you will be asked to pay this promptly. The sooner you pay us the sooner we close the account.


We may also do the same for an account that is been dormant for 12 months.


xiii) Dry Cleaning

As we do not complete dry cleaning orders on-site you must contact Howards Dry Cleaners via 01743 236971 or contact them on their website https://howardandhoward.co.uk/contact/ if you have any queries.


xiv) Failure to collect


While using our services if you have failed to pick up any unpaid items that have been in our shop for 6 months we will be forced to dispose of your items. This may be disposal via charity or recycling the textiles.


xv) When and how you must pay


When you pay will depend on the agreement you have with us. You can choose whether you would like to pay when you collect your items or when we deliver them. However, if you wish to pay monthly via invoice you will need to pay for your first order when you receive it.


If you wish to collect from our shop, you can pay with cash or a card. Cheque will only be accepted if you have been using us for more than 6 months, or you are acting on behalf of an organisation.


We accept cash on deliveries but not cards. BACS can also be an arranged method of payment, but we must receive payment before the order arrives if it is your first order with us.


Our invoice terms require that you pay the amount issued to you within 30 days from the date the invoice is issued. If we do not receive the amount from you within 30 days, you will be sent a statement reminder which is sent on the 5th day of the following month. If you still haven’t paid within 7 days, you will be issued a reminder that your invoice is overdue. Continued failure will mean being issued with a letter that you need to pay the outstanding amount immediately.


Failure to pay will mean a cease of service notice will be issued and we will begin our steps for debt collection.


If we find that you are a continuous late payer on invoices then you will lose the privilege of being invoiced and will have to pay for your orders on collection.


xvi) How to tell us about problems

To raise an issue with us please contact 01686 626964 or email us at info@newtownlaundryservice.co.uk. We require you to contact us within 48 hours otherwise we will assume you are satisfied with your order.


xvii) If you have made a complaint

If you have made a complaint and we have responded with a solution, you must respond to our suggested solution within 14 days otherwise we will close the complaint and your claim will be invalid.

Payment period for invoices:

30 days

Statement reminders issued 5th of every month

Failed delivery criteria

  • Failed to inform us that you do not need your regularly scheduled collection

  • Not issued a safe spot for collection or delivery when you are not home

  • You are not home to receive or give us any laundry when you communicated you required our services

To qualify for an invoice account or BACS account:

Payment on collection or before delivery to qualify

Delivery requests must be made at the beginning of the week or will be rejected

Failed delivery fee


Period of non-payment until Cease of Service notice is issued:

2 months

Delivery fees:

Within 5 miles of base - £3.75

5-10 miles from base - £7.50

10-15> from base - £11.25

Timeframe for complaint / missing item is 48 hours